SK Morton Creative

SK Morton Creative is the get rich slow scheme of local idiot and humorist, SK Morton (That seems to be implied).

Many years ago SK started to type.  At first it was just letters but then he soon mastered words.  Before long he was  creating sentences and finally he suffered a head injury and was back to just banging on a keyboard.  Along with his 1000 ghost writer monkeys SK managed to spit out the beginnings of what looks to be a guide book for visitors to his home town of San Francisco.

This upcoming book, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco and All I Got Was This Lousy Rash" has become the source for SK Morton's Lousy San Francisco Walking TourAn exploration of the city from a decidedly ignorant perspective.  In addition to the walking tour, SK Morton's Lousy San Francisco Virtual Tour (A video tour for shut-ins) is slated to begin production very soon (Hopefully around the Fall of 2016 so we can look back in years to come and track his failures and broken promises).

In November of 2014 SK began podcasting his Lousy San Francisco Podcast and should be getting the hang of it any day now.  

Finally, check out SK's store for cheap lead-saturated  merchandise as well as his upcoming tomes:

"I Left My Heart etc…"

"Grandpa's Cheese"

"Joy In Mudville"


"Revelations Of An Idiot"