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2/20/2015     5 Stars

Awesome tour of the Yerba Buena district. SK is knowledgable, entertaining, and turns San Francisco into a wonderland of information and fun. He was very kind and accommodating regarding our stroller-bound grandson and was able to nimbly adjust the walking route to make it easier for us. An SK Morton tour is an absolute MUST for visitors to San Francisco!


1/6/2015     5 Stars

What can I say about SK and his Lousy tour? It was amazing!! I had been looking for a tour to do with my teenage kids while we were in San Francisco and was very excited to have the Chinatown tour we took go far beyond what we imagined! 

Host: SK is a wonderful tour guide. He jokes with those on his tours, makes them feel welcome, and ensures everyone is together before continuing onto the next spot of interest. He was also observant to the fact that, as tourists, we may take a little time to snap a few photos or linger at a building - he never rushed us but encouraged us to ask questions. 

Tour: Awesome! My son said this was his favorite part of our visit to SF. You learn so much about the city while on this tour, but not in a way that makes you feel you are on some classroom field trip. The Chinatown tour took us through streets where a tourist could wander into many shops, but also the backside of Chinatown where you can see a different aspect of this part of town, hear stories and important buildings, discover a few alleys, beautiful views of town, and history of Portsmouth Square. We went to the fortune cookie factory and tasted teas, had a great time.

I would definitely recommend this tour to those visiting San Francisco. It was a very wonderful time and we look forward to going on a different leg when we visit again in the future.

5/2/2012      5 Stars

Don't let the name fool you.  The Lousy Tour was great.  SK is very funny, and has a great personality.  Although don't listen to him if he tried to get you to jaywalk.  It was especially nice how he gets you to interact with the other tourists.  It was more of a social activity than just a history lesson.  Especially in Chinatown SK showed us some stuff that a tourist would probably not find on his own.  I liked the fortune cookie "factory."  The tour is mostly unique for the joking around, but SK did have some stories and facts about the city that I'd never heard before, and I was born here, so I learned a little something too.  I'd highly recommend the Lousy Tour.

7/17/2012      5 Stars

Oh my goodness!  That was AWESOME! took the tour with a bunch of friends and had a great time.  He not only made us laugh but he got us all joking around too.  I live in the city but he showed us some things I'd never seen or done before. 
I would highly recommend this tour to people visiting the city.  You'll get an overview of the things every tourist needs to see but also some stuff a lot of locals aren't that familiar with. (Most of us were familiar with Maiden lane but had never experienced the street performances or gone inside the museum designed by Frank Loyd Wright).
SK was also really cool with people we ran into that weren't a part of our tour.  He even let a couple from Europe follow along with us for a few stops when he noticed them following from a distance.  Of course they were the butt of his jokes the whole time, but they seemed to enjoy it.  He's pretty sarcastic but very nice to the kids.  Kind of the way the muppets on Sesame Street would interact with kids while telling jokes that their parents would get.
The only thing I didn't like was the weather.  It was a really windy day and later it got cold and I wouldn't have minded him cutting things short.  After it was over I told him that I had been really cold and he apologized and said he would have made adjustments if he had known so I would recommend telling him if there are any problems.  He seems really eager to keep everyone happy and comfortable.
I would definitely give him 5 stars and will definitely take another tour with him again.

6/18/2012      5 Stars

Our tour-guide S K was as inane as promised. I'm not entirely sure that I know more about SF than I did before, but I was thoroughly entertained. 

Here's some quotes I heard from others on the tour: 
"It was better than Cats. I'm going to see it again and again." 
"Not the normal tourist crabs, this rash is authentic."
"I shvitzed!!"

  • C K.

  • Petaluma, CA

5/7/2012      5 Stars

By far one of the lousiest tours in San Francisco. SK was funny, informative and entertaining. You don't really know San Francisco until you take the SK Tour.

I enjoyed every lousy moment of it.

Thanks SK!

  • Shane Z.

  • San Francisco, CA

5/7/2012      5 Stars

This is the lousiest tour we have ever been on but we enjoyed every moment of it.

We got to see many sides of San Francisco from Maiden Lane, to the Statue in Union Square, to tea in Chinatown and fresh made fortune cookies in the back alley, to on old underground international tunnel and so so much more. It was lousy...but we would do it all over again.

  • Carissa Z.

  • San Francisco, CA


Mi O

“Lousy with awesomeness”

Reviewed April 10, 2015 NEWvia mobile

Let's start with this: this tour was lousy with awesomeness!!!!! I love San Francisco! It's home, but there's always so much to discover. The lousy tour presses hard on both of those buttons. The tour taught me new things about places I'd been a million times, took me to new places I'd never even heard about and inspired me to explore! The tour guide may be lousy, but he's so knowledgable and excited about San Francisco! Seeing San Francisco through his eyes is a delight and put another facet on my love of this city. SKs quick wit and depth of knowledge make this lousy tour a MUST when visiting this great city!

Visited March 2015

5 Circle Things

Irene N

San Francisco, California

“Everyone should take a lousy tour.”

Reviewed April 7, 2015

I recently took a lousy tour of SF and it was not only fun but extremely informative. SK has done his homework. He goes to places one would never find on his own and shows a SF one rarely sees. Next time I have out of town visitors I will make sure they take a lousy tour.

Visited March 2015

5 Circle Things


San Jose, California

“Entertaining and Informative”

Reviewed March 15, 2015

Entertaining, informative and engaging. SK Morton had an anecdote for every nook and cranny in the Yerba Buena district. He loves his work and his customers, and it shows. He always had "just one more" thing to show us or story to tell us.

5 Circle Things

Robyn L

San Francisco

“Funny and very interesting”

Reviewed March 25, 2015

I took my visiting parents on this tour, we all loved it! SK is a very funny and personable guide who showed us things in Chinatown that I didn't know after living in SF for 23 years! Highlights: Very awesome Buddhist temple, fortune cookie factory, tea room, opium dens, brothels, murder and gang wars! I highly recommend this tour.

5 Circle Things

César Bustamante     


“Great way to spend a day in San Francisco”

Reviewed January 7, 2015

It's quite informative and funny, the guide finds a way to make the tour enjoyable at all times, he knows the city and its history very well, if you would like to know what's behind every corner in town, I recommend that you take this tour.

5 Circle Things

Jason R      

San Francisco

“It didn't live up to it's name!”

Reviewed September 2, 2014

It was funny. It was interesting. It was informative. It was easier than I thought! lol Our guide even sent us pictures. The best lousy tour ever!

5 Circle Things

Caitlin W

“Tour from a Native”

Reviewed March 1, 2015NEW

Our guide was funny, well spoken and energetic. His enthusiasm for the city really shines through and made our trip that much better. He had great suggestions on where to eat and what else not to miss. He told us lots of little known facts about SF quirky history. It was clear that he was not just working by the hour but really cared about our experience. I would definitely do it again because I know I would learn something new each time.

Visited January 2015

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Tammy F

San Francisco, California

“Super Fun Walking Tour”

I highly recommend this walking tour. SK is informative and very funny. My friends and I did his Chinatown tour and had a great time. We look forward to doing
another leg in the near future. If you are looking for a great time, take a tour with SK. You will not be disappointed.

Visited February 2015

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2/12/15     From:


The tour was truly Neato! The depth of your knowledge is staggering. We enjoyed your company very much and learned a lot. You have single handedly changed our perception of San Francisco and we will remember you as we walk the streets and encounter the places we visited.


Thank you for the pictures and a wonderful day!

Robert S.

2/7/15     From:  Living Social Customer Feedback Reviews

SK's tour of Chinatwon was great and loads of fun!  I took my folks, who were visiting from out of town and they loved it!


2/22/15     From:  Living Social Customer Feedback Reviews

Quirky tour that is unlike any other tour.

Thomas Sims

4/25/15      From:  Zerve Reviews

SK took the lead with enthusiasm energy humor. But at a pace to savor the journey of history rich San Francisco. Highly recommend it to locals and tourists!

Will Tercero