San Francisco Walking Tours

SK Morton’s Lousy San Francisco Walking Tour

It’s What To Do When You Step In San Francisco


Choose From Multiple Tours

Tour 1: Downtown

From the Palace Hotel to the Dragon Gate, we probably won’t get lost ... but there are no guarantees.

Tour 3: Yerba Buena

Spanish for “Down with Earthquakes!” The Yerba Buena leg of the tour takes you above and below the city to get to the bottom of things to stay on top.

Tour 2: Chinatown

Everything you always thought you wanted to know about Chinatown. And NOW with No MSG!!!

Custom Tours

Or you can build your own tour of the City. Answer a few simple questions and get a personalized tour you never knew you wanted.

Check out our Happy Guests

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Claudia C. on Apr 26, 2018

Very knowledgeable and fun. He has lots of old pictures which help to understand the changes downtown.

Pamela K. on JUl 12, 2018

Very personal tour guide and gave lots of information about the city.

Gigi G. on Aug 24, 2018

It was a super fun tour and very informative. We enjoyed every minute and wanted to learn and hear more fun story's!

Stefanie H. on Dec 4, 2018

Very funny guy and acknowledged. Highly recommend this tour!


There’s more to learn about San Francisco and SK’s got you covered


SK runs the lousiest walking tour in the City. Now he's turned his attention to annoying people on a scale befitting the world wide web.


The kids said they wanted videos so here’s a collection of travel tips, PSA’s, COMMERCIALS, and rantings to satisfy the illiterate.


SK started writing because of his love of typing. He put that together with his love of San Francisco and the results are mediocre at best.